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Is it time to upgrade my cooler?

Australians have been using injection moulded coolers since the 1950’s - think the blue and white Esky you have in the back of the shed somewhere.

Whilst they’ve served us well in the past, manufacturing technology has moved on. We’re proud to bring you the latest roto-moulded coolers that keep your precious cargo cooler for longer and are also so much more stylish, available in a range of cool colours that you’ll actually want to keep on your deck.

Cooler insulation has improved dramatically over the past couple of years, and older styles are prone to cracking and seal degradation which lessens their effectiveness. Old coolers that haven’t been drained or stored correctly often get moldy, which isn’t very appealing for your next party! If you’re using one you picked up at Bunnings a few years ago, you might want to consider upgrading to a newer, better-insulated model.

New coolers feature better insulating material, better construction methods, and details like freezer-style gaskets and tighter fitting lids. These features can go a long way towards keeping in the cold so your drinks and food stay cooler for longer.

How long do MESiBA products stay cold?

Longer than it'll take you to get through the contents.

Depending on size, our soft shell coolers will chill for up to 48 hours.

Our hard wall ice box coolers will keep ice frozen for up to 5 days.

Our triple insulated stainless steel drinkware will chill for up to 9 hours.

How are MESiBA Hard Coolers different to blue eskies?

It's all about that superior construction. The MESiBA Hard Coolers are thoughtfully designed, manufactured with technical precision to the highest quality, to keep your precious cargo perfectly chilled.

It is the rotomolded construction and the thick walls that make them virtually indestructible.

Also, they look good with you.

Why should I upgrade my cooler?

Ice retention – no other type of cooler keeps your food and drinks colder for longer.

Style – MESiBA coolers aren’t just super cool, they look super cool too. Stylish enough to be a permanent fixture on your patio or to catch eyes on the beach or at your next BBQ.

Colours – on trend colourways, updated to fit into a modern lifestyle.

Ruggedness – Rotomoulding offers unmatched durability & strength. These coolers will survive whatever they are put through.

How long will a MESiBA hard cooler hold ice?

Variables such as the type of ice used (crushed vs cubes vs blocks), excess air space and what you’re loading all affect ice retention, but it’s safe to say that, using a 2:1 ice to product ratio, your food and drinks will stay cold for at least 4-5 days - even longer if you use quality ice blocks, pre-cool the cooler and minimise airspace!

How do I clean the hard cooler?

Good old soap and warm water usually do the trick. To clean more thoroughly warm water and diluted bleach or disinfectant is recommended. Be sure to thoroughly clean the gasket and drain plug too.

Why is the inside capacity of the MESiBA 45 hard cooler smaller than a similarly sized Esky?

It’s all about cooler performance - or thermal regulation if you prefer. The walls are thicker and there’s more insulation in our coolers, meaning greater ice retention and colder drinks.

For optimal performance, we recommend an ice-to-content ratio of at least 2:1. With that in mind, our 45 hard cooler is the optimum size to hold your drinks for a small party, BBQ, trip to the beach or long weekend away.

What’s the best way to pack the hard cooler?

Remove excess packaging. Packaging on your food and drinks - we’re talking cardboard sleeves and boxes - takes up a lot of extra space and usually isn’t watertight— so remove it and dispose of it responsibly.

Use reusable, watertight containers or food and condiments.

Freeze what you can before packing. Anything frozen counts as ice when you’re doing your 2:1 ice ratio calculation.

Everything you pack should be refrigerated prior to being packed. Anything at room temperature has a warming effect on the ice and other goods in the cooler.

Cubed ice is great for both chilling and filling in the air gaps between bottles and containers. It’s also great for using in your drinks, but you may want to consider a few zipper bags of cubed ice specifically for drinks.

Tips for optimal performance:

Lock the air out. The cooler should be as full as possible. Fill up empty spaces with ice cubes or more food and drinks, remembering the ideal ice to content ratio is 2:1 or TWICE as much ice as you have food and drinks. Anything frozen counts as ice for this calculation.

Keep it cool. Try to keep your cooler in the shade as much as possible.

Keep it closed and latched down. The less you open the cooler, the more effective the cooling.

Don’t drain the meltwater until you’re leaving. It's colder than the air outside and is still working for you. Obviously, by all means drain to lighten the load when carrying your cooler at the end of your party!

I received a lubricant stick with my soft cooler, what is it for?

When you receive your Midi or Maxi soft cooler, you will find a lubricant stick in the cooler bag. The high quality leak proof zip can feel a little bit 'stiff' to open and close at first use. Open the lubricant stick and gently apply along the entire length on the inside of the zip. Then close and open the zip a few times, that should do the trick! The zip should now feel smoother to open and close. You can repeat this action if need be.