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On the menu: Franca's Lobster Rolls + Electric Margarita

On the menu: Franca's Lobster Rolls + Electric Margarita

Franca Brasserie in Potts Point is a Sydney favourite for European inspired dining, highlighting French and Mediterranean styles in a chic, light-filled space. With long summer days just around the corner we asked General Manager Alex Cameron for his recommendations for a perfect picnic menu - and got our hands on the iconic Franca Lobster Roll recipe!

Summer is around the corner, the weather is beautiful, you’ve got a day off,  where would you go for a picnic?

AC: If I want to stay really local, in the Eastern suburbs, I'd definitely go to Bronte Beach. I live around the corner so it’s really easy. There’s plenty of grass there, it never feels too crowded and of course you have the beautiful Bronte Pool for a swim.

If I want to go a bit further, nothing beats Clontarf Beach, by the Spit to Manly walk. That’s my favourite spot. You come with your cooler full of good food and drinks and you can stop along any of the little bays. It’s just too beautiful and you feel you’ve left the city behind.


What food are you packing in your cooler to make it a perfect day?

AC: Prawns and oysters and a good deli sandwich…crisps are essential!

Of course, the Lobster Roll from Franca is a must.


What makes the Franca Lobster Roll so special?

AC: Firstly, the most important part is the brioche. At Franca it's freshly made every day in our kitchen so it’s always super fresh.

Then, the lobster of course! It comes in live from Western Australia. It is first frozen here, and then cooked. This makes the lobster flesh firmer, perfect for the Lobster Roll recipe (find the recipe at the end of this post!).


What’s your drink of choice for a picnic?

AC: I’d keep it light and fresh for a day out.

I would definitely pack a couple of bottles of French Rosé like the Chateau de L’aumerade.

If a few friends came along, I’d prepare a Spicy Margarita cocktail at home and bring it along in a cold Highball with plenty of ice!!



How to make: Franca's Lobster Roll

Makes 2



2x Soft bread roll (Milk or Brioche)



500g Mayonnaise


1/2 Garlic 

1/2 Eschalot 








Lemon juice


Chilli flakes

Lemon juice 





Add all ingredients to your preferred taste.

As Alex says, "make it you own”.

Don’t make it too wet and runny. It needs body to stick nicely on the lobster


200g butter

1x Whole lobster 600g or 300g Lobster meat


Boil a pot of water big enough for the whole lobster. Put enough salt in the water to make it taste like sea water. Once boiling, put lobster in and boil for 5 minutes. While cooking, prepare an ice water bath in a container big enough for the lobster. This will help the lobster stop cooking. 

Take the lobster meat off its shell. Cut the lobster to bite size chunks. The lobster shouldn’t be fully cooked at this stage.

In a small pot, Melt the butter, once melted, add all lobster meat and cook until almost done (meat should stop looking clear). Set aside.

Drain lobster, Mix flavoured mayonnaise with the lobster. Add as much as you like adding more lemon juice and tabasco if need be for that extra zing!



How to make: Franca's Electric Margarita

50ml Sichuan Tequila

(our preferred is Session Blanc)

To make sichuan Tequila, sit sichuan peppercorns in tequila, leave overnight or just leave nonstop if you like it spicier. Strain when ready to use.


20 ml Watermelon Syrup

To make watermelon syrup. Blend watermelon (half a watermelon), and 100 grams of sugar with 1/4 cup warm water.


30ml Lime Juice

Shake all three together over ice in a Boston shaker. Double strain and serve in martini glass or rocks glass as preferred.


Franca's Head Barman Alex Raclet mixed us up a taster (kept ice cold in the MESiBA Goblet) - cheers from here!


Visit Franca Brasserie at:

Shop 2/81 MacLeay Street, Potts Point
(02) 9167 2921

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